Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday 12-5-11

After a long weekend and a great Christmas party from work back to the real deal. Well at least until vacation time. 
Some pics below of kinda before and afters.

Warm up:

  1. 1 mile run (must I repeat I hate to run, but I do it!!!)
  2. stretches with pvc


  1. Back squats (55lbs)
  2. burpees
reps (7-5-3-1)
7 back squats/7 burpees etc.
TIME: 2min 41 sec
Start 200m run
then 4 rounds of:
  1. 15 kettle ball swings 
  2. 15 pushups
  3. 15 toes to bar (1st round I did knees to chest, then BSU butterfly situps)
End with 200 m run.TIME: 12 min 39 sec


            May 2011                                          October 2011                                           December 2011
I couldn't find any pictures of myself from head to toe. I always took pictures behind something or  holding something or someone (baby) or sitting down. I wish I had some pictures of before I started working out. I can definitely see a difference in my legs and arms especially.
Chow chow for now

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