Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tues 12-6-11 Jumping jumping and more jumping

Today was tough and I have never jumped so much in one hour before!
Running and jumping, running and jumping, running and jumping.......
That's what it felt like anyway. So here is the workout
Warm up:

  1. run 1/3 mile
  2. mult stretches
WOD: I call it the kick ass WOD
  1. 200 m run (up the alley 1/2 way and back then up the stairs and back down)
  2. 50 double under or 200 single jumps with jump rope
  3. 30 ground to over head (55lbs) 30... really... now I know why men grunt when they lift weights. I do it too some times LOL
  4. 50 dbl undrs or 200 singles see jumping, jumping, jumping
  5. 30 box jumps over and back how does someone hurt their shoulder jumping on a box or in my case a huge tire since all the boxes were taken. Who knows, but I managed to hurt it. Maybe over extending.... ?? Who knows
  6. 50 dbl undrs/ 200 singles jumping, jumping and more jumping, no double unders tonight. ALL SINGLES!! 
  7. to end it all repeat of the 200meter run!!! climbing those stairs is terrifying when you're exhausted, I almost ate the ground a couple times cause my legs didn't want to lift up.
So that was our WOD (workout of the day) My time: 20 min 29 sec
I can live with that! 
I loove my class. I think we have a great group of people. I have so much fun listening to all the jokes and sarcasm. I think they motivate me to want to come even more. I have met some really awesome people there. I am very happy to be part of Crossfit Fortress and my  7 O'CLOCKERS!!!! LOL. 
Chow chow for now

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