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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday 12-7-11 WOW

Today was exhausting. I woke up this morning with a bruise on my knee. Not very lady like huh?? I guess that was from all the push ups. (yes on my knees too...AND)
It looks bigger now and less purple. Probably cause I had to do MORE push ups on my knees! This time I used a pad on my knees.
I came in and the 1st thing I hear from another person in my class (Mondo) is "We're running a mile today" I was like NO! AGAIN?! Yes again, but in total and not all at once. He always wants to torture me with the whole running thing since he knows how much I hate to run. At least that's what I think. Damn him.
So there I go again having to mentally prepare myself for the running. I think I was last running cause my bones hurt. I felt like my shins were going to pop off my legs. 
Warm up:

  1. Jumping jumping jumping again this time over the pvc back and forth and side to side. I had to jump next to it and pretend I was jumping over it, cause I would have been the one in class to jump on the pvc and kiss the ground with my face and body SPLAT
  2. Passing 14 lb ball with a partner around eachother back and forth 10 times left 10 times right
  3. Passing 14 lb ball over our heads and under our legs 10 time up and 10 times down this was hilarious! cause your rear ends kept hitting each other and I laughed the whole time. Just picturing the guys doing this was even funnier. I didn't see them cause I was too busy trying to finish our reps. Butt I can imagine how uncomfortable they were. For us girls it's no big deal. LOL
WOD 1:
  1. 30 V sit ups
  2. 30 supermans (laying on stomach and lifting legs and upper torso off ground)
WOD 2:
  1. 400m run up stairs and down
  2. 30 pistol squats yeah those sucked bad, really hard to do. stand on one foot with the other foot out in front of you and squat. I had to hold a bungee at the bars to keep balance and help get up.
  3. 400m run up stairs and down
  4. 30 HSPU (hand stand push ups) yeah I had to scale down. I did mine on a box on my knees and push up to the floor. My body was kind of like a triangle shape.
  5. repeat 1-4
I actually ran and extra 400m cause I didn't follow directions well. Can I get extra credit for that or use this towards another day when I am too tired to run anymore? LOL 
So my time was 20min 39 sec. I think it was about 4 min more to run that last 400m. I was sooooo tired. I didn't even talk to anyone after and didn't even say bye. My hands were trembling so bad. I sat in the car for a few to settle. That one sucked, but really they all do. I just love how I force myself to suffer. I am waiting for it to become a piece of cake, but I don't see that ever happening since the WODs are always different. Oh well it keeps me interested!
It definitely keeps up talking too. 
Chow chow for now!

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