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Tuesday 11/12/12

Prepare yourself...... Lot's of pics and videos in this blog

I know I have not blogged in nearly 2 months. It has been a busy couple of months. I figured since I was told I have not blogged in a while.... I would do it tonight! Thanks Tina!! I have still been going to Crossfit about 3 days a week. I can tell you it is just as challenging as it was on my last blog. It will always be challenging cause you always have to push yourself a little bit more than the last time. I can say in the last 2 months I have been able to improve in my technique in my opinion. Certain movements are not as horrible to do. For example Air squats and butterfly situps (BSU). Oh and BTW this is a special WOD today it is for Vidal's Birthday! Happy Birthday Coach Vidal!!! I actually saw him WOD @6pm. It was insane he was on express mode. He was so fast I couldn't stop watching him. It was like watching a machine move. Very inspiring. We have such great coaches.
Anyway on to the
  1. 400 meter run
30 second drills
  1. high knees
  2. butt kickers
  3. 2 burpees
  4. air squats
  5. 2 burpees
  6. jumping jacks
  7. 2 burpees
  8. mountain climbers
PVC stretches for the WOD

Clean and Jerk
  1. 10xbar (35lbs)
  2. 7 @70% (45lbs)
  3. 5 @75% (55lbs)
  4. 3 @80% (65%)
Vidal's Birthday WOD: See if you can guess how old he is now:)
  1. 36 HR push ups
  2. 36 Air squats
  3. 35 BSU
  4. 36 pull ups
  5. 36 KBS (26lbs)
  6. 36 plate lunges (25lb plate over head)
  7. 36 Bar OHS (overhead squats)
  8. 36 Pull ups
  9. 36 BSU
  10. 36 Air squats
2 rounds (25 min cap)

I did 1 complete round plus some of rouns 2 (36HR push up, 36 Air squats, 28 BSU)
It was exaughsting! I layed on the floor thankful it was finally over. As usual very challenging and tiresome, but I wouldn't expect less.

So since I have not blogged in a while I have still been taking pics and videos of some WODs so I figure I would post a few photos and videos below!!

Here are a bunch of mini videos too!

Oh yes and a couple of pics from the Color Run I recently did! Oh and BTW yes I signed up for 
Color Me Rad!!
there by 6:30am But CHEERY!

Miss seeing them everyday at the BOX. Was a fun time! 
Color station #1 

Pit Stop and Photo op!

Dancing at the color station! They were jamming at each one!

After party was insane and fun I think I burned more energy dancing and jumping than "running"

Fun Fun!! Signed up for Color Me Rad!! Join the team ........ I can't wait to do this again!
February 2nd 9am Team Color Collision!!!

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